BMO Bullion Canada
BMO Bullion Canadian

A straightforward way to buy and hold vaulted bullion in Canada.

For thousands of years holding gold was straightforward: You either held physical or you did not.

In modern times, the distinction between purchasing physical bullion and buying an investment that “links” to bullion is not always clear. Clients are uncertain about whether their bullion is physical or paper-based. They now have to question whether it is segregated or if it is being used by somebody else. Is it unallocated or allocated?

BMO’s philosophy is to keep things simple. Our vault-based bullion solutions are designed to offer:

  • Bullion that is separated and identifiable at an approved vault facility in Canada.
  • Bullion that cannot be used by anyone for any purpose.
  • Bullion is unencumbered.
  • Bullion that is segregated from the assets of BMO Financial Group.
  • Physical delivery upon request (where permissible).
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